Driven by perfection.

A modern, owner-operated family firm.

We are a modern, owner-operated family firm with an eye for the mobility of tomorrow. Quality is a top priority in every area of the business. The satisfaction of customers and staff is just as important to us as being satisfied with our own performance. Our claim is ambitious, as we offer impressive, emotionally appealing vehicle design, high-quality models, an experienced engineering team, supported by integrated project management that lightens the workload for customers. Driven by perfection.

“As a family firm, we set store by values such as reliability, authenticity and our own high standards. This is the only way to ensure quality.”

Christoph Thurner, Managing Director
Quality from a single source.

A family firm with character.

KET Karosserie Entwicklung Thurner GmbH is a family-run SME firm based in Munich. KET is one of the leading development partners of the automotive industry. Since being founded in 1986, the company has been at the customer’s side throughout the entire development process, in particular when it comes to design, engineering, modeling, prototyping and project management.

From 2005 KET Projektservice GmbH has offered support with project coordination and hiring out staff in numerous areas. We has boasting workshop space of 4.000m² and 2.200m² of outdoor parking space, as well we are also specially qualified and trusted for tasks involving vehicle superstructures, modification work as well as special projects.

The KET group combines KET Karosserie Entwicklung Thurner GmbH and KET Projektservice GmbH. With lots of common interfaces, our expertise and many years of experience, we can thus deliver quality from a single source.








Turnover (Mio.)

  • 1986
    Founding by Thomas Thurner
  • 1994
    Setup of Modeling
    Opening KET Graz
  • 1999
    Opening KET Sindelfingen
  • 2001
    Setup of Design Studio
  • 2005
    Founding of KET Projektservice
  • 2007
    Company passes to Christoph Thurner
  • 2019
    Location expansion KET Projektservice
  • 2020
    Opening KET Hungary
  • 2021
    35 years of KET
"Driven by perfection"

From the initial concept to readiness for the start of production, we give your visions a concrete shape.

What mobility concepts will move people in the future? How are the requirements on ergonomics and the driving experience developing? What technologies will revolutionize our understanding of mobility?
We have been eagerly asking ourselves these difficult questions since 1986 – in our role as your development partner specializing in automotive engineering.

From the initial concept to the start of production, we can support you in developing parts and modules, derivatives or even entire vehicles. We give your visions a concrete shape.

One of KET’s strengths is the flexibility we offer at all times.

As a family firm, we maintain special proximity to our customers: With more than 300 highly skilled employees, we have a presence in four strategic locations at your service – you can rely on state-of-the-art technologies and integrated project management that will lighten the load for you.
Another benefit for you is our “Partnership for excellence”. Here we focus completely on what we do best: design, engineering, prototyping and project management. In other areas we work with partners who deliver outstanding service in their sectors. So you can rest assured that we’ll always set our sights on the most advantageous solution for you.
We look forward to finding a future-oriented solution to your challenges!

We lighten the load
for you.


Optimally adapted to your needs with our flexible range of services.

Our core competences:

  • Vehicle testing
  • Vehicle retrofitting
  • Assembly of prototypes
  • Software development / test & validation
  • Project management
  • Hire-out of staff

Since being founded in 2005, KET Projektservice GmbH has been a well-known and respected development partner to the automotive industry for workshop services, prototyping, project management and in various areas involving the hire-out of staff.
We support our customers in developing and testing parts and modules or even entire vehicles, acting here as a reliable, premium quality partner. From the concept, through prototyping to readiness for the start of production, we give your visions a concrete shape. Our knowledge and extensive experience has resulted in our first-class development competence that ensures successful, partnership-based cooperation.

Our flexible portfolio of services caters for the needs of our customers. We offer specialists able to drive forward innovation projects, as well as highly skilled staff who support customers on site and look after our customers’ projects in their own offices or at the workshop.
Particularly when it comes to hiring out staff, it is important for the service to revolve around the worker to ensure successful cooperation at the premises of our customer in compliance with labor laws governing the provision of such staff. Our team consists of electronics technicians, engineers, project managers / leaders, automotive mechatronics engineers and project coordinators.
Behind KET Projektservice GmbH stands KET Karosserie Entwicklung Thurner GmbH, offering over 30 years of automotive experience, numerous interfaces as well as a highly developed network.

Behind KET Projektservice GmbH stands KET Karosserie Entwicklung Thurner GmbH, offering over 35 years of automotive experience, numerous interfaces as well as a highly developed network.

Near you.

Well positioned – Located in Germany, Austria and Hungary.

KET is based at four strategic sites in Germany to ensure help with your projects is available to you locally. They include our HQ in Munich as well as a site in Sindelfingen. We can also be found at Graz in Austria and in Hungary.

Munich main office

Quality both inside
and out.

Integrated management at KET. You can find our current certifications below:

At KET quality is a priority. We don’t just offer a high quality standard in relation to our services – at the company we also set great store by ensuring ecological awareness and a good environment for staff.

As an reliable partner to our customers, we therefore uphold the terms of our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certification as well the TISAX and AMS, all in the relevant areas and as a key part of our daily routine.

Redefining satisfaction.

Cooperation based on partnership is the foundation for a satisfactory experience.

We don’t just pay lip service to customer satisfaction: it is our key benchmark for day-to-day business. Our reliability and the quality of the services we offer are appreciated by many long-standing customers. They know that we will face up to every challenge and bring them to a successful conclusion thanks to our flexibility and high levels of commitment and creativity.
An important role is played here by cooperation based on partnership, trust and mutual understanding. These customers already place their trust in us: