Giving shape to innovation is our passion.

You will be won over by our creativity and pragmatic approach.

We are dedicated to creating today what will move people tomorrow. Offering great creativity and a pragmatic approach, we are bound to impress with our innovations, even on demanding projects. We take up the challenge.

Sustainable mobility drives us.

Elektromobilität – ein Zukunftsmarkt mit Potential.

Electromobility – a promising future market.

The electrification of vehicle drives makes a key contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and our dependence on oil. Electromobility allows every car driver to make use of renewable energy on the road. KET is therefore keen to work on successful engineering and automotive design projects in this exciting future market. We would be pleased to assist with your projects in these areas by offering our specialist expertise in electromobility.

No lightweight in this field.

Qualified assistance with innovative lightweight construction projects.

KET supports the current trend towards a lightweight design philosophy – a trend that is also becoming increasingly popular with normal vehicles. Thanks to our expertise in the application of lightweight construction materials and technologies to design and engineering, we can offer you qualified assistance with your projects and help bring them to a successful conclusion.

A valuable trial.

An appreciable gain in lateral dynamics.

We have embarked on important testing involving the innovative concepts of ATTC (active tire tilt control) and ASTC (active seat tilt control). This will be used to develop dynamic chassis systems mapping seat tilt technology in the Chinaro test vehicle, with the aim of achieving higher lateral acceleration values while still enhancing comfort for both driver and passengers.

A worthwhile concept, which will result in a significant gain in comfort for rear-seat occupants of sedans and allow the lateral dynamics of the vehicle to be increased through greater lateral force transfer of the tires.