Casting off for new shores!

“For KET development partnerships mean developing together and learning from each other. This is the only way to ensure lasting success.”

Roland Griebel, Head of Development at KET Munich

Modular yacht building – from custom manufacture to series production.

At KET we are always up for new challenges – and enjoy applying the knowledge we have acquired over the years to new applications. We teamed up with BMW Group Designworks USA and Bavaria Yachtbau to develop the first boat in a new product line: Deep Blue 46.

The aim was to define a modular design that was capable of covering different series and boat lengths. A step towards “series production” in a sector that is traditionally dominated by non-industrial custom manufacture. Our participation in this development project above all called for the expertise we offer in the concept design and engineering of exteriors.

We used the latest version of the leading design software CATIA to develop master models and laminate components which can be easily adapted to the individual model and type.

Inspiring cooperation that for our customers represents an important step towards cost-optimized manufacture. And for us a welcome opportunity to set sail again for new shores. What new challenges will you present us with? We look forward to them.