Blasting off with valuable synergies.

“Customers are won over by our years of development experience, combined with our highly specialized aerospace knowledge.”

Rami Thaher, Head of Hamburg site

Competent project management throughout the entire development process.

As an aviation customer you benefit from our years of development expertise in the automotive sector, as there is considerable overlap in fundamental development areas: Both the automotive industry and aviation are driven by the strong dynamics of innovative technologies, the increasing demands on energy efficiency, and of course the matter of passenger comfort.

You can look forward to dealing with competent project managers who will accompany you during the entire development process, from the first concept through the definition of installation space and components development to readiness for the start of production. We are familiar with the complex statutory requirements, have a feeling for marque-specific design and prioritize passenger comfort in our considerations. Where the key aspect of component weight is concerned, our experience in lightweight construction is put to good use.

The sample projects we can cite here include the development of galley kitchens, cabin conversions, cable routings, as well as projects involving highly specialized requirements, such as fitting out an ambulance jet.